18 Reasons that Great Keppel is our favourite Great Barrier Reef island

We’ve been talking in the office at Great Keppel Island Hideaway and discussing what a magical little hidden gem we live and work on. It’s funny to us how so many locations around the world are such desirable, tropical romanticisms and yet here we are, 30 minutes off the coast of Yeppoon.

To spell it out, we thought we’d create a little list of our favourite things about GKI & Keppel Bay – we’d love to hear yours too!

18. Conveniently, we begin with the Eighteen magnificent islands that make up the Keppel Group.

17. The number of pristine, white sandy beaches that line our shores

16. Guided kayak tours with GKI Adventures up the magical Leekes Creek – one of the most natural, tranquil experiences you’ll ever indulge in!

15. With a fully licensed bar with casinos like mybookie – casino with 300 unique slot options and 27 different table games & bistro, you can indulge in a 5 o’clock cocktail and watch the sun set over the mainland – majestic!

14. th – best beach in Australia – the Lovely Long Beach!

13. of our island are National Parks – protected & preserved to secure their future

12. “Reef within reach” – a mere 30 minute ferry journey from the mainland!

11. Fish straight off the beach! For those keen fishermen out there and even those less experienced that are looking to learn, Great Keppel is the perfect spot to fish straight from the beach. If you’re heading off for a walk, touch base with reception to make sure you know where the island green zones are.

10. Gourmet dining, island style. Here at GKI Hideaway, we pride ourselves in ensuring a relaxed, laid back dining experience, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner every day – overlooking the Southern Great Barrier Reef.

9. Adrenaline thrills! For those of you looking to get a kick throughout your holidays, jump aboard a guided jet ski tour with GKI Adventures! The tour circumnavigates the whole island (28km!) and takes in views not accessible by foot.

8. Home to the all Eight of Queensland’s Great Eight of the Great Barrier Reef!

7. – is the km’s you will hike to our furthest point! The lighthouse is one helluva trek and is not for the faint hearted! You’ll explore outstanding natural beauty with an abundance of native flora & fauna.

6. Wildlife that will blow your mind. We’re talking dugongs, whales, dolphins feeding within metres of the tide line, turtles, giant clams, wild echidnas, lorikeets, birds we can’t even pronounce and a huge array of fish that we can only describe by colour. Amazing.

5. Breath taking lookout spots over Keppel Bay & our stunning beaches

4. Of the best receptionists in Australia! (We like to think…) Jokes aside, our team? I mean, we literally live on paradise, who could be miserable?

3. The number of beachfront cabins that overlook the stunning Putney beach & Middle Island

2. Turtle hatchlings every year – the most magical experience!

1.Sensational fringing reef, accessible by foot – snorkel straight off the beach! We love an insta stalk of Millsy Mills & Ant Vaughan – incredible underwater photography. Explore various coral formations ranging from soft pastel hues to vibrant green, pinks and orange.

There truly is no better place to experience such a diverse mix of nature within both land and sea and that’s why, we absolutely believe, we live at the best address on earth. When you’re dreaming of your next break from real life, #idreamofkeppel