Operation Clean Up!

Sand has been rebuilt in front of our bistro area as repairs are underway

It’s Good Morning from a sunny, blue skied Great Keppel Island,

Looking outside the reception window right now, you would never believe that less than a week ago, we were in the midst of a Tropical Low that was the former TC Debbie. Many of our regular guests and visitors would know, over the years, Great Keppel Islands’ Putney Beach has had a turbulent relationship with northerly winds and big swells. Historically, there was far more additional beachfront beyond our current property, and in the wise words of our Old Fella, Mother Nature has just come along and slowly “gobbled it up”.

Ex Tropical Cyclone Debbie was no exception. Arriving for our friends up north on a new moon, and making her way down to us soon after, we had huge tides along with enormous swell, and our bistro area has suffered significant damage. Our owners refer to it as Groundhog Day. 2017 and again, we are rebuilding.

Without making light of our property damage and the dune erosion, we have very quickly made progress with repairs. Our island friends have clubbed together with the clean up of debris, including the wonderful team on board the Freedom Fast Cats – towing floating trees ashore to ensure our waters are ready for school holiday visitors. Special shout out to Millsy Mills for his ever calm, collected outlook on life in general – you guys have done great.

Our sandbags are still being laid to protect our bistro for future years to come, as a work in progress we had hoped it would be finished by this years’ cyclone season, which we were almost out of unscathed. It was extremely positive to see that the area which the bags were in place, were significantly less affected than further down the beachfront. We have high hopes that the revetment wall will be a success once completed after seeing it in action. We owe a big thank you to Federal MP Michelle Landry and Minister for Resources and Northern Australia Matt Canavan, for the Federal governments assistance with funding.

Throughout the school holidays, we would just like our loyal customers to know, we are very

Guided Kayak tour up Leekes creek with GKI Adventures. 

much open for business. Our restaurant is still doing breakfast, lunch and dinner daily and we have availability in accommodation. Our good neighbour Geoff Mercer is also ready to roll, with no damage to his property at all. Keppel Konnections is running additional services each morning and the Freedom is running additional services on a Monday and Tuesday. The Rainbow Hut has recently been taken over by the lovely Shane & Dot from Keppel Water Sports and is in the process of a revamp to become “Tropical Vibes” and are open for business every day from 9:30 am, alongside Water Sports. We also have our team at GKI Adventures, running trips and tours every day!

We’re growing here on GKI and each business is flourishing as we remind our guests that we’re open for business. We appreciate all our on-going support and thank each and every one of you for coming to our beautiful piece of paradise and supporting us. Whether you’re here for a day, or here for a stay, we all look forward to welcoming you to Great Keppel Island soon.