This is Chelsea…

Hey everyone, I’m Chelsea. The non-Australian-looking Australian that works in reception at GKI Hideaway and Keppel Konnections. You will find me behind the reception desk with a ‘cuppa tea’ in hand – with two lovely Brits by my side it is practically a crime not to have one!

How would you like to wake up to the sound of waves crashing every morning? Uniform consisting of a pair of trusty pluggers, beach wear and salty hair? Have your commute to work be a 30 minute cruise across the ocean with occasional dolphins, turtles and whales overtaking?

Sounds like a dream doesn’t it? You wouldn’t believe my luck but that is my reality!

Believe it or not I didn’t always think it was going be a dream. When I first heard that I would be living on the island half of the time for my work I wasn’t too sure about the idea of it… Being someone who is prone to getting homesick I was sure I would struggle. But now I can definitely say that I do not get homesick at Great Keppel Island because it feels just like home! The people here have become not just my friends, but my family. The beautiful Great Keppel Island is not just full of gorgeous beaches but full of life-long memories too.

I cannot recommend Great Keppel Island enough to everyone. You could call it a tropical paradise at your fingertips. You could call it a relaxing family getaway that won’t cost you the price of the family home. But to really get it; you just have to experience it.

Chels x