Visit Great Keppel and see the Great Eight


Africa has the “Big Five”, well, in Australia, we have the “Great Eight”. That’s Eight iconic residents of this marvellous underwater eco-system which until you have seen them all, really means you haven’t seen the Great Barrier Reef at all. 

Including Whales, Manta Rays, Clown Fish, Turtles, Potato Cod, Giant Clams, Maori Wrasse and of course, king of the ocean, the Shark. They all call the largest coral reef system in the world their home. Some migrate here, some travel along its length and some stay in exactly the same place all of their lives; All, may be found right on the doorstep of the Capricorn Coast, Great Keppel Island.

Within walking distance of the ferry drop off, you can discover the magical underwater world of the GBR – with an anemone of Clown Fish, dozens of Turtles and masses of Giant Clams right off Shelving Beach. Tide dependent, watch the reef sharks feed at Clam Bay, or join a snorkel trip to Egg Rock to admire the Maori Wrasse, or Barren Island to play with the Manta Rays. During winter, sit at the bar & bistro area and watch the Whales play as they migrate north.


For more information, please See our Dive Sites in the area. To plan your trip to Great Keppel, contact Keppel Konnections for return transfers from Keppel Bay Marina, and get in touch with GKI Adventures about island transfers. Come and play on the Southern Great Barrier Reef!

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