Whales Galore!


Whale season is well and truly underway and this year, the magnificent marine mammals have been putting on a mighty show!
Spotted first on their migration North around the back of Great Keppel, it isn’t usually until the migration South that beautiful species comes into the shallower waters off the North Western side of the Island. With breaching and fin slapping displays being put on for all of our island operators, we’ve been lucky enough to receive an abundance of videos, images and life experiences from guests from Keppel Konnections, Sail Capricornia, Freedom Fast Cats, GKI Adventures & Great Keppel Cruises (image featured).

There is nothing that makes a trip a life long memory like having an up close and personal experience that is completely spontaneous and spur of the moment. It’s really quite a special moment and we love to send our guests away, grinning from ear to ear after a cooling off from the splashing and playing around of the great outdoors!

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