Winter Sunsets Blowing us Away

There are sunsets but until you have watched the big golden sun sink down through the

mountains in the background, over the waters of Keppel Bay, and create an amazing display of red, orange, pink rays of light into the night sky, you have not lived.

Great Keppel Island is loved for not only her crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches but divine sunsets. Visitors to the island flock on the spit and viewing points along Putney beach to watch the sunset and the sky colour up.

During winter the atmosphere is so much clearer and the night sky divine. How amazing that you can come over on the ferry (only 30 mins) watch the sunset, sneak a peak at your Argentinian Parilla dinner being cooked on the coals of the fire, warm yourself around the campfire and be serenaded by our musician.

Now that is a “dream” Friday night.

Hugs, Denise xx